1997 Vintage Zenith El Primero Flyback Rainbow Milatry Chronograph

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About The Watch

Zenith’s Rainbow can be considered as somewhat of a military piece, as the original pieces were built in 1997 to the standards of the Armée Française. It was a truly tough timepiece, possibly even rivaling the standards of the Omega Speedmaster Professional, as it was able to maintain composure and accuracy at forces up to 11 G’s, along with various temperature and pressure conditions. The same strength goes for the reissue, as it’s based upon the same Flyback Stratos that accompanied Felix Baumgartner as he broke the sound barrier in a free fall from outer space.

Case & band: 40mm Good condition has some scratches from normal wear Band is Milatry replacement.


Dial & Hands: Untouched factory dial has a great patina & hands are original as well.


Movement : Zenith El Primero recently serviced.


Accessories: Awad Watches box and certificate.