1940’s Vintage Rolex 3668 Oyster Chronograph Antimagnétique Monoblocco

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What makes the reference 3668 so desirable is that it is one of the first Rolex chronographs that was fitted with an Oyster-case and a screw down crown. It was released rather quickly in succession of the reference 3481, which was in 1939 the very first Rolex chronograph to be fitted with these signature Rolex features. While the reference 3668 is larger than the reference 3481, it is still modest by modern standards with a diameter of only 35mm.

The watch was equipped with a Cal. 23 VZ nickel-finished lever movement made by Valjoux, which was fitted with a column wheel and supported subsidiary dials for a constant seconds as well as a 30-minute register for the chronograph. The blued hands of the watch stand out against the rose/salmon color of the dial, which has gained a beautiful patina over the years. Especially in combination with the gold crown and bezel, it looks very stunning.

The dial of the watch offers a lot of information, as Rolex incorporated a Tachymeter and Telemeter scale, yet they all remain very legible. This is quite an accomplishment given the relatively small diameter of the watch. The bezel also helps in that regard, clearly marking the hours, yet is distinctly different from the Rolex bezels we know today. It most certainly adds to the charm of the reference 3668, and why this chronograph has become increasingly more popular among collectors in recent years.

by:haute time

  • Proudly, Here is the rarest Daytona Zenith ever made, Prototype only 5 examples known,  and this particular example came from it original owner, He bought it in 1989, then wore it few times and he kept it at the safe. the watch was purchased from the Rolex authorized dealer in London and all the other 4 example was originally purchased in the UK. what makes this example super rare is the porcelain 4 line dial with diamonds. and what makes it special it's unpolished and full set. Dial: Very rare Dial, made of Porcelain 4 line with factory diamonds. Case: Mint condition Never polished still has the green sticker on the case back. Bracelet: full size bracelet unpolished in mint condition ZERO starches matching the production year Code M6 1988. Movement: just serviced and the serial number is 11xxx which is correct for the production year.   Accessories (Full Set): papers: Original Rolex Certificate  from well known Rolex Dealer in the UK. Booklets: Daytona Booklet, Your Rolex Booklet & the Translates Booklet all of them dated 1988. Box: Original box still has the stickers 16528 & the dial color (white) on it from the correct period. Hang Tags: The red and the green hang tags has the reference and the serial number on it. Other Accessories: Calendar card 1988/1989, Leather wallet & the clothes.